All of west virginia fruit & berry products are made like grandma would have made.

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  • All natural
  • No additives
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  • No corn syrup

Coming Soon…A New Look for WV Fruit and Berry! Our “New” Web Site will be up soon…..
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SUMMERTIME….SUMMERTIME….SUM, SUM, SUMMER TIME!!! Summertime is a great time for a refreshing “Spitzer”!!!! Stop in your favorite wine store for “West Virginia Fruit and Berry’s” refreshing “Fruit Wines” to mix in your favorite “Spritzer” or “Martini” made with our wines…Ask for them by name: Now in a store near you in WV, VA, MD, DC, NC Coming soon to OH and PA…. West Virginia Fruit and Berry is the “Brand” in 4 flavorful fruit flavors….Try one Today!!! Our Mountain Blackberry Wine/ Wild & Wonderful Raspberry/ Luscious Cherry Blossom or Uncle “Jakes” Elderberry Wine.

Here at West Virginia Fruit and Berry, we’re really looking forward to lots of new opportunities in 2016! We had a great year in 2015 and are happy to announce that our wines are now available in four states, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. We hope to expand even further in 2016.

Our preserves and fruit butters are now available throughout West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina as well as our borders of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and you can always shop our online store right here on our website.

West Virginia Fruit and Berry has become known for its premium quality fruit and berry products. This year, you may not see us at many of the wonderful fairs and festivals that we usually attend, as we are now spending much more of our time marketing our products to your local stores, so that they will be even more readily available to you.

Here’s where we need your support. If you’d like to see our WV Fruit and Berry jams, preserves, fruit butters and wines in your local store, please let them know! You can direct them to me or to our website (here). It won’t happen overnight, but Bob and I are out there pushing and asking for distribution centers and grocers to pick up our product line. CUSTOMER RULES!!

We’ve had a consistent, high quality, all natural product line now for 20 years. Kroger has been our a supporter since 1997 and will continue to be. Also, in West Virginia, we have many retailers that have supported us from the beginning. You’ll find them on our website or by clicking “Where to Buy” at the top or bottom of this site. Check out one of our distributor’s website at for more store locations and other quality WV products.

Special thanks to our customers for your continued support!

A Special Note about our Wines and Preserves in Kroger in WV and VA: Our Wines are not always in the wine section of a Kroger Store. Kroger has begun to “Regionalize” their store products…meaning you will find local and regional products in special areas of the store….ask your Kroger Grocery Manager about our preserves and the larger “Market Places” have Wine Consultants, who are more than happy to help you find the wines. Note: In most Kroger stores (other than our local hometown Clarksburg and Morgantown, WV Kroger , who carry most of our product line) you will find only 5 of our products in the Peanut Butter section of all Kroger stores in WV and VA…Blackberry/Black Raspberry/Red Raspberry/Strawberry and our Apple Butter. Our Wine Distributors: Our wines are distributed by Northern Eagle Distributors and Mountain State Beverage in West Virginia and The Country Vintner in Virginia, Maryland and The District of Columbia, DC.

Thank you for choosing WV Fruit and Berry Preserves/Fruit Butters and Wines
Bob and Becky Titchenal
Bridgeport, WV

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No Corn Syrup / No Additives

What better gift than a product that reminds us all of family, friends and tradition of growing up on the farm with jams and preserves grandma used to prepare. Great for your business associates, too...

All of West Virginia Fruit and Berry products are made like grandma would have made, all natural with no additives, no preservatives and NO CORN SYRUP!!!

What is the difference between PRESERVES/JAMS/JELLIES/FRUIT BUTTERS?

Preserves are the fruit cut up, cooked and then pressed, to extract something, usually a pit or seed then finishing with the whole fruit left (the pulp of the fruit) left in.

Jams are the fruit cut up, cooked and nothing taken out.

Jelly is just the juice of the fruit cooked.

Fruit Butters are fruit cooked for hours and stirred constantly until cooked down to a thick smooth texture and then spices are added.

If you can't make it yourself, we are the next best thing!

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We ship in gift sets of 3 jars. Want more? Add in multiples of 3 and mix and match your favorite flavors. Your gift set includes a gift card with your personal greeting. See our online store for an entire listing of all our products.

You pay cost per jar plus shipping and handling to the shipping location. You will receive a confirmation of your order by mail, sent the same day as your gift so that you will know that your order has been shipped. Go ahead...send your list today.

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